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The beauty of the VOM Technology is that it provides the exact amount of force needed to reduce the subluxation. Dr. Taylor is a Certified VOM Practitioner.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

VOM was developed by Wm. L. Inman BS, BS, DVM, CVCP, in Seattle WA, in Dr. Inman's clinical practice.  Before Dr. Inman began using these non-invasive techniques, he was an accomplished veterinary surgeon and still consults in veterinary surgery.  His transition to VOM from surgery reflects his frustration in ineffective surgical solutions to common veterinary medical problems.  The body of the VOM Technology is the culmination of information gleaned from over 35,000 patients treated for clinical.

VOM is accurate because it finds and reduces all neuronal subluxations.  All neuronal subluxations have a pathological reflex demonstrably associated with them like a knee jerk response.  It is either there or it is not.  It is an objective means to determine the presence and reduction of neuronal subluxation.  VOM is a precisely objective science because it locates all the neuronal subluxations present in the animal regardless of whether clinical listings are present and reduces them and confirms their reduction.  Inherent in the VOM technology is a built-in rescheduling protocol that inserts the patient on a self-regulating readjustment interval.

All the reads that we see in the dog and the cat are magnified in the horse.  Areas usually devoid of subluxations in the shoulder areas of dogs and cats are hot spots in the equine.  You may see a response while your pet is on the examination table.  it can be that fast.  The average case will see some sort of positive response within the first week and commonly the entering clinical complaint will be gone within the first three adjustments, giving the client the false security that the case is completed.  Cases that show no response within one month may not resolve towards a satisfactory solution.  Cases that have had paralysis or lack of function for years or months may not respond well to VOM, however you do not know until you try.


What will happen to my pet?

The Veterinary Chiropractitioner will do a diagnostic pass that entails her running the device down the pet's spine, searching for pathological reads indicative of subluxations.  The subluxations found are recorded.

If significant subluxations are found and they correspond to the clinical disease presented, then a course of VOM treatment is recommended.

An estimate may be generated and other procedures may be recommended and quoted, (and performed by your veterinarian) such as blood work, x-ray, and other diagnostic tests.

A second VOM pass is made (therapeutic pass) and the changes to the reading pattern is noted.  Your pet may be already showing signs of improvement.

A third VOM pass is usually made and that data evaluated.  Most if not all the reads may be reduced at this point.

Your pet may then be sent home or may be observed overnight by the clinician depending upon the nature of the case.

An appointment to return for readjustment will be made upon release and post-adjustment instructions are given as to activity and potential discomfort.

A series of three to five readjustments may be needed to reach a point  where no reads are found in which case the subluxation pattern is cleared.

Maintenance checks may be recommended every four to six months to watch for reoccurrence.



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